Litigation is generally an extremely costly and time-consuming means of
resolving disputes. Accordingly, Advantage attorneys understand the
importance of developing an effective litigation avoidance strategy. We
have the practical legal and business experience to develop sound legal
arguments supporting our clients’ interests and we can effectively
communicate these arguments to opposing parties to negotiate
favorable settlements. If a dispute cannot be resolved without litigation,
however, Advantage attorneys will advise you in the pursuit or defense of
claims in the state and federal court or through alternative dispute
resolution methods.  

When the decision is made to file a lawsuit, the most critical stage of the
litigation takes place prior to any trial. The pleadings and motions of the
attorneys on both sides determine whether or not a case even makes it
to trial. An experienced defense attorney will be able to have cases
dismissed on various procedural grounds. Plaintiff’s attorneys who can
withstand such motions to dismiss provide their clients with maximum
leverage for settlement. It is important to have attorneys experienced all
aspects of pre-trial practice because proper management of this
process can quickly establish the legitimacy of a dispute and limit the
overall expense of litigation.

Our attorneys can provide cost-effective representation in every type of
commercial dispute, from simple insurance coverage cases to
complicated breach of contract cases. We also represent clients before
a variety of regulatory agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service
and the National Association of Securities Dealers. We are committed to
helping you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. Please
contact one of our attorneys to discuss the particulars of your case in
confidence and without obligation.
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