About Us

Advantage Law Group is a law firm founded with a view to providing
economical legal services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and
individuals throughout Chicagoland.

We have experience at law firms in Chicago and Indianapolis. So, we
are knowledgeable when it comes to the high quality, state-of-the-art
practice of law. We have also worked for diverse businesses in such
areas as accounting, finance, and project management. So, we
understand the importance of getting a job done within budgetary
Our Competitive Advantage

We believe our success  is based on providing a competent, low-cost
alternative to the typical law firm.  We accomplish this in the following
we use technology to keep our operating overhead low, so we
can pass the savings on to our clients;
we will quote a fixed fee for our services, so you know exactly
what a particular job will cost;
we understand that your time is important to you, so we will
accommodate your schedule and visit you at your home or
business; because
we are entrepreneurs building a business, so we’re focused on
providing a positive experience that will keep our clients coming
back to us.
Areas of Practice